Padi at Puri Denpasar Hotel

Sorry, I didn’t take any photo of the salad I ate earlier today.

Padi is THE restaurant of Puri Denpasar (Frenchies, Puri here has the same pronunciation with ‘pourri’, you may now chuckle). The ambiance was “meh”, didn’t hit the high note or  the low one. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the hotel, located in Jalan Denpasar, Kuningan, is frequented by seminar/workshop participants. Can’t put high hope, really.

They serve lunch buffet at IDR 150k (VAT excluded), but I was peckish so I opted salad. I’m not a fan of hotel restaurant’s food, Business hotel food more over, but I do make some exceptions. Not so many hotel restaurants in Jakarta actually worth mentioning, to be honest.

The Balinese Chicken Salad with Lemongrass Vinaigrette I spotted on their menu poked my curiosity, but they ran out of it. How the hell the most original dish of the restaurant is: 1. one of the cheapest on the menu. 2. ran out of it.

Fine! “I’ll take the Caesar Salad”, half heartedly I told the frowny waitress. She wasn’t so frowny when we entered the restaurant, but began so after learning that my colleague and I are not one of those ladies who lunch. Ha!

Lucky for u, the salad leaves didn’t look dreary, but the for some reason whoever prepared it has deep fondness with garlic. He/she didn’t drizzle the uber-garlicy dressing, it was slathered in.

The leaves were dripping and became soggy in no time. The garlic dressing was so pungent and strong giving the effect of wasabiesque flavor all over my tastebuds (oddly didn’t burn my sinus, though), my tongue went numb.  Felt kinda like I ate a dish prepared by someone who hates me before even know me. Horseradish nut!

Just sharing my experience, if one day you have the occasion to eat there and thinking about my post, just eat a lot of mints afterwards, try not to burp out all those gases and don’t kiss your sweetie for at least 24 hours.  😀

Despite so, I believe in second chances, perhaps the next time I stick with the rice or regional dishes. Besides, restaurant bear the name of the Asian staple.