Ayam Presto Ny. Nita Kelapa Gading Branch

Ayam Presto (chicken cooked in pressure cooker) isn’t an uncommon dish nowadays. But Mrs. Nita (Ny. is short for “nyonya” equal to anglophone’s “Mrs.”) is one of the first one in the business– I think.

She started her business when pressure cooker is still considered as “wild thing” in professional kitchen. What I like about her soft boned chicken is that she use free range chicken, so despite their sizes, the chicken are meaty, fell-of-the bones tender, absolute delish!

The restaurant now also put the current Indonesian fave among the fowl gang — soft boned duck (bebek presto).  Since it was the first time we set foot in the restaurant, we decided to choose the namesake dish: Ayam Bakar Presto with Plecing Kangkung (steamed water crest and Balinese style fiery chili paste–so hot tears will fall down on your cheeks and you can’t even tell if they’re happy or sad tears) and Ayam Bakar Presto with Pecel (steamed vegetables with East  Javanese orange leaf scented peanut sauce).

Ayam Bakar Presto with Pecel

Despite originating from Semarang, Central Java, Mrs. Nita (who is a Chinese-Indonesian from Central  Java) opened her flagship restaurant  in Denpasar, Bali circa 1998.  In case you’re not familiar with the Indonesian history, that year holds one of the darkest chapter of the country.

Throughout the tough years her restaurant business survives and thriving. This is surely a good sign.

Ayam Bakar Presto with Plecing Kangkung

I also tried Iced Turmeric drink. It was a surprise, but can’t tell if it was a good or bad surprise, since it was my first experience.

But personally I found tasting sweetened turmeric odd, it’s officially one of the least thing I’d drink anywhere. My brain is used to associate turmeric as one of the savory taste, not sweet.  Well, just an opinion.

Es Kunyit (Iced Turmeric)


Fell off bones, slender chicken yumminess at bargain prices! The Kelapa Gading branch seems to have regular customers who frequent it during lunch time.

With efficient service, great taste, and price that’s easy on the wallet, I’m not wondering why.

Billed: A bit more than 50K for two plus drinks.

Food: 9 out of 10 emphasis on taste and price. My wallet was happy, stomach and tastebuds were too!

Service: 8 out 10 emphasis on efficiency. Could rate higher if the girls weren’t so pouty whenever they see incoming customers.

Overheard at the dining table: “Wow! The sambal means business. Super hot.” (talking about the Plecing Kangkung).


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