Nasi Campur Putri Kenanga, Pho24 at Food Lo(u)ver Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall

Another weekend, another mall rendezvous! Yay! Macet! Yay!

This time in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (or is it city? hmm..)

Ugh! One of my peeves is reading a typo in public.

Grand Indonesia’s Food Lo(u)ver wagged the inner pedantic speller in me.

It’s down right cruel to name a food court after a celebrated museum in Paris AND making a typo too..

First, it’s Louvre not Louver, second, the letter “u” between the brackets is an extra eyesore.

Eventhough mall can get into my nerves sometimes, I love wandering about the food courts. The atmospheres may be a bit bazaary sometimes, but I just love discovering and re-discovering new taste or classic overlooked food.

When I got overwhelmed with the novelty foods, I just hit a mall food court for a plate of familiar dishes.

Super yummy Nasi Campur. The pork satay remains tender and juicy even after it went cold.

Case and point: Nasi Hainan Campur Putri Kenanga. Took me back to my childhood when my mom used to take home a box of Nasi Campur Kenanga. I wonder if the stall owner and the Nasi Campur Kenangan owners are related. I enjoyed my plate despite the busy atmosphere.

Hubby had a bowl of Pho from Pho24. The broth was clear and enriched with fragrant aromatics such as corriander leaves and chillies, and the meat (beef unfortunately) cut paper thin.. In short, perfect. Not a heavy lunch but not too light. Enough to give us the energy to wander the mall some more.

Before ordering, I saw that the Pho24 stall has Vietnamese coffee dripper. Arriving from the country where coffee drinking and preparing are serious business, we’re kind of tired of drinking sugary 3-in-1 coffee here. Without further ado I suggest hubby having a glass of Vietnamese coffee.

Pho Tai and a glass of hot Vietnamese coffee from Pho24

I always find Vietnamese coffee presentation pretty. Pitch black coffee with white condensed milk on the bottom of a clear glass. No frou frou foam, chocolate or caramel syrup, only good quality coffee served in a humble glass yet its taste deserves an acclaim.


Putri Kenanga:  Love, love, love the meaty pork satay. It remained tender and juicy even when it went colder (took my sweet time taking food pics, catching up with my old budette–‘ssup Tre!, and feeding the little one.).

Pho24: Great presentation, great taste, great coffee!

Billed: Around IDR 90K for two meals and drinks.

Food: 8 out of 10 emphasis on taste. The only thing that stopped the two dishes obtaining the perfect score is the food court presentations.

Service: 9 out 10 emphasis on efficiency on both booths.


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