Rawon Nguling Kelapa Gading

Where: Kelapa Gading Boulevard, sandwiched between Des Iskandar and Homemade Bakery.

Had: Rawon and Gulai Kambing minus rice, to go.

Billed: Less than IDR 50K.

I never knew why we never eat here before. The soups here are champions! My personal favorite is the Gulai Kambing (curry mutton stew). The meat cuts were super tender,  I was so sure it was mutton instead of goat (confused about the differences? Hang in there, a post about goat vs. sheep is underway(: ). I often avoid goat meat dishes because if they weren’t prepared well, they’ll stink and flush my appetite down the drain. The portion is enough to feed a hungry, cranky foodie.

The Rawon broth was pitch black, fragrant, with big chunks of beef meat swarming about, and served with the standard condiments: bean spouts and a spoonful of sambal so spicy it made you think about your sins.  An additional kerupuk udang (prawn crackers) would catapult the dining experience, however, I’d have to pay an extra IDR 10K (about USD 1.20),  so not that night, ’cause all day driving made me cranky and stingy >:D.

At the door, the restaurant’s poster said that it was started somewhere in East Java circa 1960s.

If you’re looking for ambiance, then this restaurant will fail you, however, if it’s taste you’re after, you’ll leave the place super happy.

Verdict: Mega yumm! The taste profiles were impressive, both the Rawon and the Gulai Kambing.  Will definitely come back to have some more and snap some photos.


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